Graphic design business presentations

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Graphic design business presentations

These beautifully designed presentation folders will give you a shot of inspiration if you're looking to strike the perfect balance between form and function. Shares Every business has its share of paperwork, but a stack of plain, loose papers just isn't very enticing when the goal is to attract customers.

Pocket folders are excellent for presenting and distributing a business's marketing materials, invoices, or other vital documents. They work best, however, when the folder has a unique, eye-catching design. We've assembled 20 of the best folder designs we could find to help excite your creativity, and then organized them by the four most popular imprint methods: Gnomon School of Visual Design folder Image: Bob Ward This presentation folder was designed to hold tri-fold brochures as well as other important promotional materials for the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood.

Both the text and illustration were hit with a spot varnish to give the 'dark on dark' package a sleek yet elegant look.

Clay Street Project press kit folder Image: Studio Lin The Clay Street Project needed a press kit folder to contain various promotional materials. Studio Lin created this solution, which features an elegant cloth exterior and deep purple interior.

A die-cut circle allows the purple to show through.

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The folder has long clasps which allow it to assemble without the need for glue. Healing Center logo folder Image Source: Ladd The Healing Center is a place where people are helped and supported in all different facets of life: Providing these services that "help the whole person", Ladd created an identity that is bright yet natural.

The imagery and color schemes are hopeful and real, while keeping a modern appearance. Island Conservation embossed presentation folder Image: Company Folders, Inc This presentation folder by Company Folders for nonprofit group Island Conservation, features the company's logo twice on the cover: Inside, the folder features curved pockets with both business card slits and a brochure slit so that users can insert additional information and media.

Nike Free media kit Image: This footware was all about simulating the sensation and benefits of running in bare feet. Using a bespoke fold and die cut technique, a booklet containing all the product information and photography opened out to an A0 poster.

All packaged in a blind embossed folder containing the materials including a product DVD. Luxury corporate promo folder Image: James West This luxury corporate promo folder was designed by James West to be part of a corporate promotional package for a high-end business function.

Quilogy pocket folder Image: Brady Miller Using rich, uncoated, super heavy paper stock, custom die cut pockets, and seven positions of foil stamping, this piece from Brady Miller is the ultimate in luxury. Lexmark Ryder Cup folder Image: It was used to send information to customers they invited to The 37th Ryder Cup, of which Lexmark was a sponsor.

The wrap was printed in metallic silver ink and used to seal the folder.

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Using a wrap allowed the folder to be used for other events or as a standalone. The inside includes an expanding pocket sealed with a magnetic clasp. MR Systems die-cut pocket folder Image: Mighty 8th Media This double pocket, custom die-cut folder from Mighty 8th Media offers a streamlined, high-class design that carries the MR brand throughout.

Mighty 8th Media Graphic Design and Photography Santa Barbara City College Catalog 2. Demonstrate skills in scanning, digital printing and archival printing technologies.

graphic design business presentations

The Metolius Agency graphic design business plan strategy and implementation summary. The Metolius Agency is a graphics design and visual communications firm concentrating on . Outsourcing the design and production of your business PowerPoint presentations to a professional company like eSlide has a number of benefits, including: Professional Presentation Design – Almost everyone has PowerPoint, but not the years of experience needed to create effective, impactful presentation graphics.

Business Strategy Powerpoint is a template that is free and extremely helpful when it comes to creating a powerpoint, get it now for free.

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whether it be graphic design, sound design, photography or another type of business you own. Download More Free PowerPoint Presentation Templates. The free blue PPT template can be used as a PowerPoint graphic background to decorate your presentations and add graphic style to PowerPoint presentations with curves and nice effect to decorate your business PowerPoint presentations or marketing presentations.

Design a presentation that will meet the latest design trends with this multipurpose template. With illustrations that represent teamwork this theme will fit a keynote on business planning, your next marketing strategy or a new project proposal.

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